Message from the Director of SEWA-AIFW



Namaste. My name is Raj Chaudhary, and I am the executive director of SEWA-Asian Indian Family Wellness, a non-profit organization in Minnesota that provides healthcare and education resources for South Asian families and communities with support from the Minnesota Department of Health through a grant.

We are currently working on a community survey* with a research team from Carleton College to better understand the prevalence of different types of abuse, neglect, and other potentially traumatic experiences that may have occurred in the lives of South Asians in Minnesota and elsewhere during childhood. This research will help us to create trauma-informed interventions to alleviate negative outcomes in the future generations and also better tailor our community empowerment campaigns to the needs of the communities we serve and promote resilience and social well-being.

*Please note that the Overcoming ACEs research project is not funded by nor affiliated in any way with the Minnesota Department of Health, but is independently funded by the research team from Carleton College.


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